An organization from the U.S. with operations worldwide, PayPal is payment system that is online. Unlike money orders and checks, the money transfers online are electronic alternatives. In truth, PayPal is probably the biggest payment organization in the internet anywhere in the world. This has been accomplished by the organization when they access and process online payments for vendors. PayPal does this via auction sites and commercial users and they charge fees in transactions.

In 2002, PayPal started its IPO or initial public offering. This was just four years after its creation. Later on, it was owned completely in late 2002 by eBay. In 2014, PayPal gave USD 228 billion coming from 26 countries for greater than 190 countries. PayPal earned USD 7.9 billion. Actually, 44 percent of PayPal profits came from eBay. In 2014, they announced that PayPal has plans to be independent mid 2015. This was accomplished on July 18, 2015.

In 2015, PayPal started operations exactly in 203 markets. This comes from registered and active users in the amount of 159 million, all of whom have a login. What PayPal accomplishes is to make sure that users send, keep, and receive amounts for 26 currencies.

PayPal services enables its customers to perform online financial transactions by allowing them the ability to accomplish fund transfers in an electronic method for personal or business use. When they use PayPal, users can send or get payments through online auctions, such as that of eBay. You can sell or buy goods and services or donate and get money. Note that you are not required to have a PayPal account login so that you can make use of PayPal services.

Whatever happens, if you would like to have a PayPal login, it is pretty straightforward when you do the following. Thus, you can get a PayPal account.

(1) From your web browser’s address bar, type

paypal login

(2) Found in the right part of the web site of PayPal, click the “Log In” button, colored gray.

paypal login my account

(3) Place in your Password and Email. Next click the button, “Log In,” which is blue. Through this you can access your PayPal login my account. login

(4) When it happens that you do not recall your password and/or email, click the hyperlink, “Forgot your email address or password?” found below the blue “Log In” button. login

(5) Subsequently you can find the next web page that would ask you a couple of questions regarding your login issue. Select if you “don’t know what email address I used,” “don’t know either one,” or “don’t know my password.” Later, place the code that you find to show that you are not a robot. After, click the “Continue” yellow button. The preceding step relies on the choice that you would pick.

paypal account

By 2009 in August, PayPal began a Student Account meant for teenagers. This gives parents the ability to set a student account for their children so they can place in money in their bank account and would make sure their children can use a debit card.

The program of PayPal gives students the necessary tools for fiscal responsibility and to know how they would spend their cash. In 2009 in November, PayPal started a platform to offer connected services by utilizing an access code and to use existing infrastructure so it is probable for online transactions with peers.

Bill Me Later was then bought by PayPal in 2008. This is a credit product online. It was rebranded afterwards to PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit gives individuals services who can lend by using credit accounts of PayPal, particularly through Comenity Capital Bank. Made in 2000, this was took in by eBay in 2008. This was made into a PayPal organization officially by locating it in Maryland. It also had offices in Arizona and California. This allows buyers the ability of access to a revolving line of credit online that is quick. PayPal enables many vendors to accept PayPal. This is open to credit approval, of course.

PayPal gives customers the ability to finish their online shopping, similar to people online shopping that use a credit card. With PayPal Credit, PayPal users can buy anywhere PayPal is accepted.

Applying with PayPal can be done through the App Store or Google Play. Once PayPal bought Braintree, PayPal started its One Touch services. This enables people to buy with just a touch. This is reliant on the merchant applications or websites included.

In 2011 for November 28, PayPal noted that Black Friday allowed them really high records of mobile engagement, particularly a 538 percent increase in payment volume for mobile, comparable to 2010’s Black Friday.

In 2012, PayPal Here was started by PayPal. This is a payment system that is mobile. Its target audience are small businesses, since it is a free mobile app with a small card reader, which can be plugged to a smart phone.

By 2013, PayPal began updated applications for Android and iOS with other capacities. This makes sure that customers can find restaurants in their location and shop using PayPal payments, finish quick orders for vendors who are participating and those that have access to PayPal Credit accounts.